Created the Control Tower, the key balanced scorecard metrics system utilized worldwide by UTC.

Implemented a pull system for drum rotor engine components across two traditional business units that reduced inventory and lead-time by 60%.

Drove the on-time delivery performance of a main gear box feeding a helicopter line to 100% on time to build plan in 2.5 months time. Utilized daily tactical meetings and timely application of breakthrough kaizen both internally and out at the suppliers to achieve the on-time delivery improvements on all late parts.

Outsourced an entire helicopter line to a wholly owned subsidiary. Drove a 40+ member team with weekly meetings and aggressive schedule. Plan was executed flawlessly in 3 months, 3 months ahead of schedule.

Implemented a fully empowered work cell in a heat treat service area reducing lead-time from 3.5 weeks to 3 days in a single 5 day kaizen event.

Solved a complex strain gage failure problem on a development jet engine program in under 30 days by applying event tree methodology with a cross-company, cross-functional team.

Implemented a mixed model production line that pulses to takt time (enabled with a rolling fixture co-designed with an ergonomic handling device company) for a large scale aerospace product improving productivity by 25%, On-time delivery performance by 50% and reducing inventory by 40%.